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Microplastics found in UK tap water

Thomas Moore, science and medical correspondent Although levels are low there can be up to 10 particles every litre The World Health Organisation has called for urgent research on the risks of microplastic to human health after confirming that tiny fragments are found in drinking water. In its first assessment of plastic pollution the WHO

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Wellsys Launches Bottle Water Option

Wellsys now offers both Restaurants and Corporate a bottled water option. Not only does it eliminate the plastic bottle problem, but offers a beautiful sealed glass bottle option filled with the very best purified water (Officially tested. See “tests” on our website.) The best news is it gives you a great profit percentage. Call us

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About Wellsys

In conjunction with LG, other strategic partners and experts in the water purification business, the WELLSYS Corporation has greatly enhanced the continued evolution of drinking water purification. As the public’s romance with bottle water wanes, the opportunity for quality point of use coolers has soared. The evolution of POU coolers and the cooler industry now

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